Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nothing Serious To Say

For some reason, I find myself unable to work on anything serious. I have lots of application ideas and databases to build and interfaces to work out and I am just not wanting to jump in the pool right this minute. I'm unemployed and darned proud of it. Say it once and say it loud! :-)

So, I'm just going to sit in this lounge chair and do something silly.

I have made various versions of Memory games over the years. Memory is the card game where you lay out cards and try to flip them over in pairs. I did the first version after someone, several years ago, put up a Memory game based on pictures of Cindy Crawford and the page became, briefly, insanely popular in the way these things get popular to 30 seconds on the Internet. I am putting this one up today. It is just an amusement. I am dynamically pulling photos from the "Interesting Photos" bucket of a certain web site. That is why the session start up is slow. I thought, before I started the series of inevitable re-designs and fixes, that I would just put it up first.

Is it possible to build an application so small that there are no obvious design enhancements? I think not.

To Do:
- document design of said silly game
- fix app to get pictures for session more quickly
- could WOHTTPConnection be any more lame? Probably not.
- various clever things, etc, etc, etc, and so on.