Sunday, June 10, 2007

Coolness at WOWWDC

It's a conference. It is all about WebObjects. It is from Apple, NOT!

A conference has been put together by dedicated WebObjects user who wanted to get it together and decided not to wait for Apple to, you know, get it together!

These notes are going to be rough. It is a long day....

Key to Names:
PR = Pascal Robert
CH = Chuck Hill
AC = Alex Cone
MS = Mike Schrag
?? = presented web svcs with AC

PR: intro, PF is not here, Scott Keith is here. Sponsors, etc.

CH: What is this Eclipse?
- open source, java tools
- WOLips extends eclipse with specific knowledge about WO
- WOProject - ant-based command-line tool

- you can do a lot more a lot faster than eclipse
- What does your IDE do? code completion? debugging? error reporting?
- is it slightly slow? on new hardware, not a problem...
- GUI is not OS X.
- no GUI component editor
- custom build steps? compatible?
- used WOPetStore for example....

AC - from CodeFab

web services preso

"SOAP is the C++ of web services...."
REST - HTTP POST to get XML back
very cool demo of GoogleWoCheckout, from CodeFab, for using Google WS API in a WO app

?? -
girlfriend has a hat shop and needed credit card, with no hassle....

Ajax preso:

AC: page executes JavaScript which creates XMLHttpRequest (XHR)
XMLHttpRequest messages Server
Server responds:
MS: watch out for stateful components

how does WO work?

- backtrack cache
- one page ~ one context
- limited depth

cache gets blown out easily in a Ajax-ified page - "Who will save the day?"

3 most important things to work with....


See AjaxExample.


- totally revamped
- deterministic property and framework init
- properties usable for staic vars
- classpath munging
- extend ERXFrameworkPrincipal
- report problems!


much cooler localization

- value-GID cache
- replaces SEC

ERXConstant class - POJO singletons


Prototypes -
- now stackable
- ERPrototypes now loaded first
- works only with EntityModeler
- Prototype flattening